Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Bling bling! Christmas lights are popping up all over the place, and the message is loud and clear: Its Christmas! 'Tis the season to be jolly, and spend lots of money in the shops. But what if you don't have much extra cash this year, and yet you still want to give nice things to your lovelies and make them smile? Could you, would you consider DIY presents?

If you live in Greece then maybe you haven't realised that Stateside and in the UK there is a little knitting/tapestry/sewing revolution going on. Everyone seems to be at it! I hear even Madonna has taken up knitting so there you go. With still over a month left till Xmas, maybe this year you can avoid the endless queues and get creative at home with music and a hot cocktail!

Should the idea of getting crafty like that sound appealing to you, there are a good few websites that can help you get started. These are all worth taking a browse through:

However, if sewing isn't your cup of tea of course you mustn't be discouraged. There are other very important things. Like food. Like a personal favourites recipe book! This is something I must urge you to consider very seriously. I would KILL for some of the people I know to make one of these.

If you really don't feel like making something but like the idea of original handmade stuff you can always go to My friend Anna has a beautiful shop there at The choices at etsy are endless. Two of my favourites are (great prezzies boxes and mirrors) and (fantastic wall stickers)

One of my best ever Christmas presents was a portrait of me and my sweetie. I like it so much I thought I would show it to you. Thanks Georgie!


  1. I find the idea of putting thought behind a present and making it oneself very appealing.

    Like making that special someone a beverage : )

  2. Yeah I thought of making rakomelo, or mulled wine but that spoils.

    Make beer make beer! Teleia!

  3. you are so nicey to be adverticey :)
    I miss my beeeee!!

  4. thanks for the plug homes, right back at ya! :)