Friday, November 27, 2009

breakfast at the monastery recipe

Yeah yeah I know. I did kind of go on a bit in my last post. I was delirious from excitement and exaustion, and I have since edited out chunks. Anyway, for those of you who did manage to make it all the way through...for lunch today I made my own version of the fish dish we were served for breakfast at the monastery and it turned out YUM! I really recommend it because its super healthy, cheap and easy to make. You will need:

  • around 5 tomatoes, either dice them or wizz them in a blender. Enough to fill a deep plate. You could also use chopped tomatoes from a tin.
  • 3 medium sized onions, or 1 1/2 big ones. diced.
  • two cloves of garlic, chopped up
  • a spoonful tomato paste
  • around 600g worth of bakaliaro (cod) chopped into approx 4 finger length pieces
  • 2 large potatoes cut into smallish pieces
  • olive oil (extra virgin) (of course)
  • a bay leaf
  • pepper, salt optional

Sautee the chopped onion, garlic and pieces of fish in olive oil for a bit then chuck in all the rest with a little water and leave to boil softly for half an hour. Make sure you stay near the food and stir a bit every so often so it won't burn. Taste it after about 15 minutes to see how salty it is (bakaliaro/cod can be very salty sometimes) and add salt if necessary, a generous shake of pepper and a glug more olive oil.

As soon as the potatoes are ready, it should be ready to eat as you don't want to overcook the fish. Serve in a deep dish with really nice bread. I'll definitely make this again so if you don't make it maybe you'll eat it for dinner at my house! X

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  1. I love that dish, I'm buzzing... And my fridge is empty...Damn you bee...DAMN yoooouuuuu!!!!