Saturday, November 7, 2009

Back to Basics

Ok then! Now that I feel I have had a nice little series of online rants about things that worry me or piss me off I can move over to the stuff I think other domesticateds like myself must care about. Like cooking, home decor and ware, clothes, accessories and a bit of DIY. So today I wish to celebrate the glory of the kitsch plastic table cloth, something I just cannot live without. It never fails to brighten up my day! After years of scouring London flea markets, the High Street shops and the East End (sometimes paying stupid amounts of money for low quality crap) I have found my dream brand in good ole Athens at my local supermarket. Its called Dizas Athens Luxury table cloths and its FAB. The quality is perfect and a tablecloth costs around 4Euros. There are loads of patterns that range from simple country checked to sunflowers to aquarium. So I can keep my brother's slightly hideous desk from University in the kitchen forever as it is safely hidden under one of these babies. I love! If anyone wants me to pop over to the supermarket and get you one I will do so gladly. This is me enjoying tea with my table cloth after a night out. The good times are endless! :)


  1. you know I always wondered where you got that!!!

  2. The supermarket is called My Market! I guess I should have included that huh?