Monday, July 27, 2009

Drink and dial

The other day I got myself into debt for a pair of sandals. I had to! They were soooo nice and so very out of my budget. When I first heard the price I just kind of froze. Then I left the store abruptly in a state of panic and started to head nowhere in particular really really fast, feeling that the finger of God was pointing at me from the skies accompanied by a big booming voice saying: 'You can't spend that much money on SHOES!'. I was randomly racewalking down Ermou totally oblivious to the world around me when I got a call on my cell.

"Did you find shoes? Did you buy them? Why not? Come on, haven't you learnt your lesson yet?"

So I went back and bought them immediately. I really wish I had listened to this person when I found that beautiful pair of sunglasses on sale (but still very expensive) last August. When in doubt whip it out. Better to be safe than sorry... with the goods in my fat little hand.

Its much better to regret things you've done rather than to moan and mourn after you've missed the opportunity. 'Never drink and dial' the old saying goes. Whatever. I think if you're pissed and feeling it, do it. Whoever it is may deserve an earful from a drunk. Maybe they'll realise they hurt someones feelings and try to better themselves! They may even be flattered by the attention....

So whats the big deal with being spontaneous? Why am I supporting reckless drunken behaviour. What am I on about?

Its getting easier and easier to filter our feelings. There are text msgs you can leave for ages while you think of a smart reply, websites for dating etc etc. Its easy to get obsessed with presenting a perfect image of ourselves. We can take our time and weigh up every detail while we miss a excellent opportunity for an adrenaline rush. I say let's not.

Friday, July 24, 2009

judgment days

We are all guilty. We have all had one of those days when we were overtired, or things weren't going quite as planned, or for no clear reason we just felt pissed off. So the casting of judgement begins....

When we were teenagers judgmental attitude ran rampant in our lives. I felt it was somehow my duty to be tirelessly critical. It used to go something like 'eeeeew she listens to Mariah Carey. And her hair is so 80s.' Or 'that guy thinks he's so hard but he's into Warrant what an idiot'. Ring any bells?

Yes but we aren't like that anymore. We have grown out of it. We now accept each other for who we are and just get on with our own lives. Fat chance! It seems it is part of being human to sit on our throne in the sky of our mind judging and pitying our fellow man....

Ever since having a baby I have been overwhelmed by the amount of advice/criticism that has been liberally dished out from all angles. 'You are still breast feeding? Are you nuts? You have to stop! You're not a cow! Hasn't the doctor told you you can give the baby milk thats not yours? They sell it at the pharmacy!' This is but one highlight of direct quotes from an endless torrent covering all aspects from behaviour to eating habits . I have gone through many attempts at being buddha-like and letting it all just slide off me. But its not easy when you're exhausted. And that is when the Queen Bee in my brain thinks its high time I start to judge back! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!

So, here I am, on the verge of judging others for judging others. Being judgemental is a bit like a drug. It helps you blow some steam, short term. But in the long term it just makes you grumpy and miserable and you need to keep doing it to feel ok. I remember being around 21 and saying something thoughtless to a friend about someone we both knew. He turned to me and said, 'never criticise a man until you've walked a mile in his moccasins'. I realised he had a point so I just shut up. It was good advice.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

thoughts on hot

The other day I got talking with a friend on what makes someone 'hot'. He (obviously a he-no offence guys) held that looks are the most important thing. But is it only looks that turns heads when someone walks into a bar? I say nonononononoooooo.

First of all the hot person needs to think they are hot. Not in a 'look at me I'm so sexy strike a pose vogue' kind of hot. They need to take their hotness for granted. And be focusing on things other than their looks. People who look like they are thinking about what they look like don't usually seem terribly approachable. Sometimes they look like total arseholes.

A person is hot if they are enjoying themselves. The misery guts in the corner will not turn heads. Maybe some gothic emo type might notice they are good looking, but whatever. A hot person oozes the feeling that life is good......or at least interesting.

A person is hot if they have their own unique style. Their own fabulous brand of me. So doesn't everyone have access to that? Surely everyone can be hot for a least one other person, no?

Anyway why do I care enough to sit and write a whole blog about this topic? Do I consider myself some kind of expert on 'hotness' as a result of my clubber/drama teacher combination from days of yore? Hmm. Do I feel the need to blabber my opinion about anything all over the net as a result of too many hours of talking with a baby per day? Definitely. This blog was born of a lack of going out for coffee or/and drinks...something I used to take for granted. Don't take going out for granted non-parents! Going out is so very sweet....

I think what I want to say is that I have started to realise that life is really short. Being with a baby all the time and watching him grow before my eyes has really brought that home recently. The times I have the most fun with him is when I am actually 100% there, not thinking about how I can steal a few minutes to read or get on facebook. And when I'm having fun, I like looking in the mirror. I don't see unplucked eyebrows and hideous hair. I just smile.