Wednesday, May 4, 2011

toy car love

If you have a small boy, you are probably ridiculously familiar with the film Cars. I must have seen it about 500 times.

I first saw it before I had a baby. I wasn't very impressed. Unlike my husband and brother who were riveted. Despite my lack of interest I pretended to kind of like it and tried not to complain as much as I usually do when I get stuck watching boys films. I still have no idea why I tried to be nice. Premonition maybe.

Because now I love it. I'm not ashamed to say I LOVE Cars. My favourite character is Filmore. He says things like 'I'm not the only one seeing this right?'. He rules. I love him so much, I made a hippie name necklace inspired by him.

I was feeling lazy so I went for Bee (childhood nickname) as its decidedly shorter than my given. The cartoony style reminds me a bit of Beverly Hills 90210 when Brenda found this diary and Dylan and Kelly played the hippies and Brenda and Brandon were squares. Remember? I really loved that episode. Perhaps I should be ashamed of that.

So this May Day* when everyone was picking flowers I was stitching them. The necklace was ready sooner than I expected but if you consider I took my embroidery hoop everywhere even out for drinks its no shocker really. So here's the finished thing. Happy summer everyone!

* check out the flowers and more on a new blog by Elias Herc and Christina (Monday Wednesday and Friday respectively) showing glimpses of daily life in Athens. I love it.


  1. hee! lovely words and work, darlin'! i too have a childhood nickname and my b-day is in august as you may recall... just sharin' random info... ;p


  2. Hey, your link is wrong, takes you to a bible Jerusalem sight.
    You are missing an 's' on blogpot : ))
    Should be

  3. Thanks!!!! I changed it now, but it may be a bit too late for some:(