Monday, April 18, 2011

This too shall pass

With more ideas for embroideries than my small brain and limited time could handle, Saturday brought me a most unpleasant surprise: after carrying my sleeping 3 yr old up the stairs to his bed, I realised that my elbow hurt like. a. bitch.

I couldn't fix my hair. I couldn't brush my teeth or put my makeup on. Yoga and stitching were out of the question. The ghost of my broken elbow from rollerblading in hyde park 16 years ago had come back with the miserable weather to seriously test my patience.

I'm a bit better now, but I'm wearing the sling as I type. The stitching (the mesh made it pretty easy) was done half with my right hand and half with my left*. I have to wear the sling whenever it hurts, and in the future try to avoid balancing 16 kilos on my right arm as I fumble for the keys with my left to open the front door.

I believe there is purpose to be found in all obstacles, so for the time tricky stitching like owls and sailor girls will have to happily wait. I'm very pleased to be off to Kefalonia for easter and I may even leave my needle and thread in Athens...but I dunno...I'm such an embroidery nerd. Here's wishing you a most lovely holiday:)

*I added the fern stitch and the skull later, with my right hand. I had originally sewn a button where the skull was because with a dodgy elbow I found the O totally tedious. This post has been written over two days.


  1. Love your optimism! Hang in there, your sling is cute at least :))

  2. yay!! i can now comment on your fab blog directly instead of via fb!!

    this sling has got to be put on a production line to cheer people around the world. i mean it!

    ~christina h

  3. A great saying to put on your sling! The skull & fern stitch definitely spruce it up.