Sunday, February 20, 2011

Heart Felt

DO you remember when Johnny Depp got that Winona forever tattoo? I was very impressed. A side of me was thinking ah what a man she's so lucky he's so cool! But the other side went ooooh thats a bit presumptious how can he be so sure thats ridiculous he'll be scratching at it soon enough.

Again my issues with tattoos come soaring to the surface. My attitude stinks of Gollum. So I have a huge soft spot for the classics. All the classic heart lover mom etc tattoos, lets face it, you do secretly want someone to do one for you oneday. Don't you? Or maybe you don't.

Anyway for our *anniversary* (not wedding) this Feb I supplied myself with my chicken shit (felt embroidery) version of the classic heart tattoo. I won't get into the reasons why I am more than happy to wear it and get picked on by my friends (Gary) and called a cheeseball. But I will say that Elias is the only reason that this blog is ever decorated with photos. And he is so big hearted he deserves to have his name on a heart. And hopefully one day he will finish one of his many abandoned embroidery projects so you too can see how bloody good he is!

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