Saturday, February 26, 2011

Domesticated Bee of Athena

On Monday night I couldn't sleep from stomach pain. 'You know what this is?' said Elias. 'Its called nerves.' Damn right. I was sick with terror. I had an appoinment to have a vertically impacted wisdom tooth surgically removed the next day. F**k.

Wednesday morning I looked surreal. My right cheek had blown up to 'wow' proportions. I spent the day avoiding mirrors, popping endless painkillers (oh the pain!) and sitting in a well-lit corner stitching felt owl coins like my life depended on it.

Why owls? Well they are the Athena bird. Since purchasing a beautiful little Joanna Cave owl necklace I've been thinking about them a lot. I've also been thinking about Athens a lot. Poor old Athens has taken a beating lately. Our city has seen better days. Lots of people want to leave, but I don't. I love Athens. Even now it is a rich city with so much to offer. While I stabbed miniscule stitch after stitch I thought about the Athens that saw the original ancient coins that I (very extremely loosely) based my felt coins on. I thought about all that she has seen and how lucky I feel to be part of it.

So now that my face has semi-deflated and gone yellow (I hear thats good!) I am itching to begin a mission to discover an Athens I am somewhat unacquainted with: the Athens of Crafts. With Athena as our patron, there's gotta be plenty out there...

By the way do check out and take a look at her stunning creations. I again (see Going to California entry) apologise for not knowing how to do the things that most bloggers take for granted, like make a name a link. I will do my homework soon I promise! Enjoy!


  1. Although, as you say, your felt coins are very extremely loosely : ) based on the real ancient thing, at least one definite commonality they have is that they travel you (or me) to a different place. I love them (and Athens too…)!

  2. The bird of wisdom should inspire you and it did!
    May the owls of Athens be with you!