Monday, July 27, 2009

Drink and dial

The other day I got myself into debt for a pair of sandals. I had to! They were soooo nice and so very out of my budget. When I first heard the price I just kind of froze. Then I left the store abruptly in a state of panic and started to head nowhere in particular really really fast, feeling that the finger of God was pointing at me from the skies accompanied by a big booming voice saying: 'You can't spend that much money on SHOES!'. I was randomly racewalking down Ermou totally oblivious to the world around me when I got a call on my cell.

"Did you find shoes? Did you buy them? Why not? Come on, haven't you learnt your lesson yet?"

So I went back and bought them immediately. I really wish I had listened to this person when I found that beautiful pair of sunglasses on sale (but still very expensive) last August. When in doubt whip it out. Better to be safe than sorry... with the goods in my fat little hand.

Its much better to regret things you've done rather than to moan and mourn after you've missed the opportunity. 'Never drink and dial' the old saying goes. Whatever. I think if you're pissed and feeling it, do it. Whoever it is may deserve an earful from a drunk. Maybe they'll realise they hurt someones feelings and try to better themselves! They may even be flattered by the attention....

So whats the big deal with being spontaneous? Why am I supporting reckless drunken behaviour. What am I on about?

Its getting easier and easier to filter our feelings. There are text msgs you can leave for ages while you think of a smart reply, websites for dating etc etc. Its easy to get obsessed with presenting a perfect image of ourselves. We can take our time and weigh up every detail while we miss a excellent opportunity for an adrenaline rush. I say let's not.

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