Monday, December 12, 2011

making cents

 A while ago, I began considering maybe selling some of my stitched stuff.  Not such a big deal eh?  Every crafter alive seems to be doing it.  I was very confused about how to price.  And when I asked for advice I got so many different opinions!   'Don't undervalue your art, mark the prices up high!'  was one.  But I felt funny about asking for a lot of money.  Then again, each piece takes so many hours. Of love!  So what is the right price when the value is sentimental?  Puzzled by all this, I went ahead and looked into how you would go about declaring profit made from craft sales, and acquiring a book to cut receipts.

Oh.  Dear.  Me.  The things I learnt.  It turns out that to declare sales profit or cut anyone a receipt on a piece of handmade ANYTHING you must be on TEBE the freelancers insurance.  And that'll cost ya.  Over 300 Euro a month.  Otherwise you can sell illegally.  Or sell nothing.  This applies for all freelancers.  No matter what you are making, you better cough up the cash each month or your right to work will be taken from you.  In the past month, a guest house in my dad's village has closed its business as it cannot afford to pay TEBE.  An excellent graphic designer I know has had to close shop, and other friends in production and yoga teaching are struggling to make the payments just so that if some work does come up, they will be employable.  No wonder people with dual nationality are shutting down their personal businesses and finding ways to re-start them based in another country. With so many people being made redundant and the government making it so bloody difficult to sustain self-employment, no wonder homelessness in the streets of Athens has reached new dizzy heights.

So I have decided to sell my owl coin parliament.  And give all the money to Klimaka.  Klimaka is an NGO that provides shelter, food, counselling and medical assistance to the homeless people of Athens.  Everyone I have spoken to there is so nice, they work largely with volunteers and whatever money is donated is used directly to buy supplies.  They even let you know exactly what they have bought, if you like.  Of course the amount raised will be published.  I have arranged an appointment next Wednesday 21st December to visit the shelter and bring the owl bazaar proceeds.  If anyone would like to come with me please do!  I have posted detailed pics of the owls that are for sale here.  If you are interested in buying one please contact me on and I will give you the details. Or if you know me and its easier send me a personal message on facebook .  If you are not based in Greece but would like one please bear in mind that the post may not be able to fly them to you in time for Christmas, but I will pay for their travel expenses. XXX


  1. All owls sold! Big thanks to all who bought and to those who helped spread the word XXX

  2. Hi, Bee. Wow. A 300 Euro fee every month. Life does not seem to be getting any easier. It makes me somewhat uneasy about the future. Anyway, I find your embroidery really cool, as always. Happy holiday stitching!
    best, nadia

  3. Hi, yeah its crazy isn't it? People here have to really stretch their imagination if they want to get something creative done because the system doesn't want to let you. Thanks for your lovely words and I wish a very happy holiday!

  4. great post honey!!!!
    lots of love to you!!!=D