Monday, October 31, 2011


'When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window'.  Maria from The Sound of Music.

Please don't hate me for quoting The Sound of Music.  I know some of you may be utterly repulsed offended.  But I have a drama background and it came into my head and it fits!  Like a lot of us over here I've been feeling the pressure of limitation.  But I did this workshop that helped me appreciate one of the things I really love about Greece.  And that is the deliciously superior quality of the local vegetables.

The workshop was an intro to vegan raw food.  And it was an eye opener.  Firstly, I learnt that raw beets and raw mushrooms can be exquisite.  I had no idea that vegan cheese alternatives (the one we made was called macademia 'cream cheese') can be much, much tastier than any of the real dairy stuff.  And the chocolates we made were so good they made me feel sort of high. 

I made some of the dishes for my family this weekend.  My mum, who is the most unadventurous Greek tunnel vision person when it comes to food went completely nuts and started demanding I get her nutritional yeast immediately so she can make the cheese and ALWAYS have it in her fridge.  My little boy who won't touch boiled or baked beets wouldn't stop eating the raw ones.  Its really good.  If you live in Athens you can head over to Avocado on thursday night and see for yourselves as the lovely troo food liberation team will take over the kitchen to cook Vegan Mexican Thali Platters.  You can read more about the event on the facebook page.

And if any of you are wondering why the embroidered beet the answer is I saw work by Sarah Greaves who stitches anything from bananas to chocolate and my curiosity got the better of me.  Thankfully it was pretty easy and only a small portion of one veg was sacrificed.  Stitching it reminded me of Miranda and the talking hot dog in sex and the city, and in my book that can only be a good thing :)


  1. yeah sarah greaves work is very cool. your beets are happening too :)

  2. Mouthwatering article Home-bee!!!! You can indeed still find delicious and aromatic fruit and vegetables in Greece, and what better way to enjoy their richness than raw!!! See you at Avocado!!

  3. How did you stitch a beet? I love that, love this post.

  4. Heh heh! I sliced off a small piece and just stitched it, with white floss cause I figured it would go pink. Then I put it back :) So glad you like it, I was anticipating your response!!

  5. ooh, this sounds so tasty--loved the embroidered beet. Very short shelf-life but interesting.
    best, nadia

  6. cool stitched beet ...I didn't know you could 'make ' vegan cheese we are veggies and my partner has just gone vegan it's blooming difficult making stuff without cheese so i must look up this recipe ...thanks ....x