Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back in Black

Sailor J was a macho fellow, foul mouthed and superstitious. He knew as a boy that he was destined to follow the sea.

He wanted nothing to do with women. 'Man's ruin' he always said. Until he was introduced to the lady known as the 'Golden Ant'. She was known for frequenting the seedy ghettos of ports. She was as dirty minded and foul spoken as Sailor J himself. How she managed to make her way nobody knew. She was no prostitute. And she had a mysterious 'brother' who made trouble for any sailor who tried to come too close.

Sailor J drowned himself in gin. He howled in the night like a love sick dog. Why did he have to meet this obscene blasphemous woman? What was he to do?

Finally she took pity on him and took him in. She gave him a necklace as a keepsake. She said 'I am a sailor girl and I belong to the sea. Just like you.'


  1. That's the story alright! Sailor J thought he could drag her with him in the sea but she imprisoned her soul with the help of the great witch Bee in the necklace that is still around his neck….

  2. most cool story to accompany most cool creations.

    ~christina h

  3. neat story to go along with your neat pendant :)

  4. Just stopped by from "stitchin' fingers". I like to consider the relationship of text and image so your sailor's story captivated me. And as you are a good story teller, I found your blog fun and sassy.
    best, nadia

  5. Aw thanks! I was wondering if people would think I'd gone a bit nuts with the story, its nice to know you liked it:)