Thursday, July 29, 2010

What am I going to be when I grow up?

First I was going to be a writer. Nooo doubt about it. My first novel was the diary of a heavy metal dude called Thanasi who listened to Slayer and was kind of fat. But I never finished it because I discovered... clubbing! Yes thats right. Carried away by the rhythm of the night I decided that no way could I be a writer. I had to do something active. I was going to become an actress! Off to drama school with me!

But I was shit at learning lines. And I hated naturalistic acting. I preferred to prance around the stage wearing a mask or better still a red nose. Not quite enough to pull off a successful career right? No worries. I would become a

singer! Ah I loved being a singer in a band. Until I realised it was actually *work*. Work that didn't pay. So I decided to be practical. I would teach. I was to become a drama teacher! I had found my calling! Finally I knew what I was to do with my life...

But it wasn't enough. I wanted more. I directed professionally. I got good reviews! But on a personal level? Not for me either. Then I got pregnant. Left teaching. Left teaching drama that is. And started teaching yoga. I love teaching yoga, but do I have what it takes to do it full time? So here I am, blogging and embroidering away and asking myself: what am going to be when I grow up? :(


  1. You are already mother of abeautiful boy, you have taught so maby children drama in an amazing way, you have brought yoga into your life abd liIfe of others... U have a voice that still works and u can sing and act for your soulmates... And you are asking still what u r going to be?
    Baby, you already ARE!

  2. Fabs is right, you already are you (and quite a wonderful you!). As for what to do in the future...I think you'll definitely stumble on something - but nothing as worthwhile as being a mom! So, what's next? Baby number 2, of course, of course!! Love you!

  3. Do 7 more things and enjoy the experience of them all! Who ever said you need to only be some ONE thing when you grow up? To that end, who ever said you are ever done growing?

    All experience contributes to growth and growth can only come through experience. Find happiness and peace in the experience of whatever you chose to do, even if it seems the most arduous experience of your life.

  4. ha! I wanted to be a writer when I was a kid. Then I stopped writing because I discovered clubbing too!

    These days, the boring 9-5 job has made me veer towards writing again, usually in the fantasy genre. World building is fun, looking after database systems (usually) isn't.

    Just remember - no need to grow up, whatever anyone tells you (in my case, "anyone" tends to be my mother...)
    Maria (Protopapadaki-Smith)